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My cat is officially a doofus.

My cat is very codependent. If I'm in my apartment, he's within sight. If I go into my bedroom, he follows me there. Same with the bathroom. If I don't go to bed when he's tired, he runs back and forth along the hallway, meowing. If I'm in the tub, he's sitting on the rim, staring at me and occasionally sipping from the water.

In fact, as I type this, he's sitting six feet away.

I just got out of the tub, and as per the norm, he sat on the rim. Why am I bothering to post about this? Because for the hour and a half that I was in the tub, he had 10 inches of tail dipped into the water. Completely not noticing that his tail was submerged.

When I started to drain the water, he hopped down as normal. He then turned around with the grumpy kitty look, and stared at his tail like "What is this? What's going on? Why am I wet?" He gave it a few licks, three steps later, another few licks. Rinse and repeat until he got to my computer chair, where he promptly gave the droopy skinny mess a good bath.

He's an idiot.
Who is now demanding my presence in my bed for a movie and snuggles.
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